Valspar Spraypaint: A Tale of Woe

Continuing with my wife and I’s theme of cheap decor, we scored another stereo cabinet at Goodwill which we planned to paint and use for a media center. It had already been gutted and was a little beat up which we like to call “character”.

DSC_0515 DSC_0517

I started by doing some moderate sanding to give the paint something to adhere to. There were some little details we wanted to preserve and I found the corner of the sanding block was just the ticket for getting in there.


Here’s a comparison of the sanded versus unsanded surface.


I initially was going to paint the inside with flat black and bought the budget stuff for that job because what could go wrong with flat black, amiright? Yeah, that paint didn’t cover evenly at all, seemed too thin, and seemed to run out pretty quickly.


But that’s okay, I got the better stuff to do the outside. It cost way more per can and had a magical microspray nozzle! Wow! How could this go wrong?!?!?


I was not impressed with the Valspar paint at all. The microspray nozzle caused a really noticeable halo effect where you’d get an even coat in the center but any outer spray, which is normally very controllable and works to help make an even coat, turned into a shark skin texture. I prefer to make several lighter coats of paint to get a nice even finish and with this stuff that was really a challenge because of the halo effect. Also, the overspray turned to a dust all over the project.

My guess is the new whizbang nozzle does too good a job making a fine mist and the paint is drying too fast in the air before it hits and adheres to the surface of the project. I checked this website called “Google”, maybe you’ve heard of it, and a search found a few different websites where people complained about the exact same problems I had.

In short, I won’t be using the Valspar spraypaint again any time soon. I know my way around a rattlecan and had nothing but problems with this product. I can’t speak to the durability of the paint over time but I will say that in my experience a proper paint job in the first place goes a long way to ensuring a long lasting finish and this stuff made that very difficult.

DSC_0539 DSC_0541

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One thought on “Valspar Spraypaint: A Tale of Woe

  1. Love the phrase “I know my way around a rattlecan” lol


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