Old Knowledge


My friend reminded me that I wanted to post some links to free ebooks on manual machining and how to make stuff by hand. There are tons of now digitized books that were published years ago on how to make everything from bricks to to airplane engines from scratch and while some of them are difficult to read, because the writing is akin to a US Patent application, there is so much knowledge there, for free.

Now, on the death of old knowledge. There’s a YouTube channel run by an elderly gentleman called MrPete222 and he’s an old school machinist/fabricator who has put up hundreds of videos on how to do and make stuff and in the comments there have been a few discussions wherein he hints at a fear that his lifetime of knowledge and skill will someday disappear. With the advent of 3d printers and easier access to CNC machines by the layperson, like you and I, I can see a man of his hard earned skill and experience would have that concern. I don’t really have a point to make other than to highlight that there are lifetimes of knowledge and skill and experience passing away every day and we owe it to those people to learn and pass on that knowledge and not let it be forgotten. I love the new and constantly evolving technologies but I have a deep, almost hallowed, respect for those who can use rudimentary machines and tools to create complex things.

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