“No time to esplain, let me sum up…”

I consider myself a novice welder still but as I practice my welds are looking better and more consistent. Anyone can weld, really, but it’s the finer points that separate someone like me from the pros.

Now I’m lucky that I was gifted a nice wire feed MIG welder from a family member but what if you don’t have elderly DIY type benefactors like I do? What if you want to get into welding on the cheap? Craigslist provided a solution there and I did a quick search and found several Lincoln 225 amp stick welders for 100 bucks or less within minutes of where I live. This is a basic machine made by a very well respected company and they just work so if you’re just starting, one of these allow you to do a lot with minimal investment.

But first, a quick intro into arc welding and how it works:

And here’s Jody from Welding Tips and Tricks, which is my favorite source for welding and fabrication info, showing the capabilities and even benefits of a simple stick welding machine like the Lincoln I referenced above:

So, all a person needs to do is to save a little cash, maybe go to Starbucks less, and they can get their hands on a decent used welding machine. Buy some general purpose welding rod, a hood, and some gloves then scrounge up some scrap steel and just play with it. It doesn’t take very long and you’ll get the hang of permanently attaching one piece of metal to another and you’ll have a skill that is akin to black magic to the uninitiated.

All for like 200 bucks total…

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