How keep your stuff… your stuff.

While we may have learned to love the roguish thieves and scamps portrayed by Dickens, the cute cockney accent and ragamuffin appearance has given way to meth sores and needle marks. Addicts will steal anything not welded down, particularly tools, in their quest to feed their addiction. While a circular saw may not fetch as much as a diamond ring at a pawn shop, people leave all manner of power tools in their unlocked cars and in the beds of their pickups and thieves will take that easy score any day.

So here are a few tips to aid in the recovery of your stuff if you forgot and left something out where some jerk could steal it and sell it on Craigslist:

  1. If it has a serial number, record it somewhere along with the brand and model number. I love Google Drive for this.
  2. If it doesn’t have a serial number, or even if it does, engrave an owner applied number to it in a place where it’ll be hard to cover up. DO NOT use your Social Security Number as law enforcement generally can’t search by that. Use your driver’s license number and state.
  3. Take photos of your stuff, especially jewelry and things like that, and store them on a disc somewhere.
  4. If your stuff gets stolen, call the cops. It’s their freaking job to take your report and enter stolen property information into various police databases.

These easy steps will make a huge difference in the recovery of your stuff should it be stolen. You’d think this is widely known but I have it on good authority that most victims of theft don’t have any of this information when making their report. Also, police can search many pawn shop’s records and having the info above will make it easy to identify and recover your stuff.

Really, it ain’t rocket surgery…


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