Unique gift ideas for the DIYer you don’t hate.

The holidays are, for many, either a time of peace and reflection or a stress inducing months long nightmare culminating in an orgy of greed. I know I sound cynical about the holidays but I’m really not, I just get frustrated when I see otherwise rational people lose their minds this time of year because they allowed themselves to be pressured into participating in the frantic consumerism.

And here’s some more stuff you can buy for people who like to make and do stuff!

  • Dial Calipers: a super useful tool that I opined about in the link and you can get a serviceable yet inexpensive set for under $25 at your local Harbor Freight Tools.
  • Lagesse LaSquare: a cool twist on a classic tool in that this one has a wide base that makes it way easier to use with pipe, etc. They have different models on their website and their 12″ model is under $40.
  • Rolling Wedge Bar: many people have never even heard of a rolling wedge bar but they are great tools to have around, especially if you’re a car geek. The prying side can be used for prying in tight spaces and the tapered pin end is wonderful when you’re trying to line up bolt holes, etc. You can find them for around $20 bucks for the Sears version or spend more on Snap-On, etc. You could also totally kill a zombie with one.
  • Carbide Scribe: available for less than $5, a carbide scribe is a cheap little tool that can scratch a precision mark on damn near anything and is a must have. That and a couple Sharpie markers and you’re set for stocking stuffers.
  • Bench Block: sometimes having a solid chunk of steel to hold stuff in place for you while you work on it is like having a second set of hands. Bench blocks comes in a variety of shapes and sizes for a huge range of applications and specialties. This one even has a V shaped groove for holding round stock and dowels and is under $25.
  • Trail Jack: my father in law gave me an old beat up trail jack that was covered in rust and I’ve probably used it more than any other tool in yard projects over the years. I have lifted and crushed concrete, lifted stumps, pulled concrete posts out of the ground, and even leveled a house. Basically, they’re the Incredible Hulk of bumper jacks and you can get one for less than $40.

That’s a start. Add your suggestions in the comments section!

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7 thoughts on “Unique gift ideas for the DIYer you don’t hate.

  1. I found a Yankee push drill at a flea market and love the thing. No noise and makes small drilling jobs fun. My wife even likes it. We just picked up a couple of the 3.7 volt cordless screwdrivers, too, partially because we can Steampunk them up easily and add various goofy attachments on the end, like a bunch of feathers glued to a dowel that fits in the chuck but also because they’re small enough to stash in a drawer near areas where they’ll be needed. We work on a lot of small stuff and the larger drills are clumsy and their horsepower is unnecessary.

    I like our Dremel a lot, tool. It you’re into crafting it does a lot of jobs pretty well. I’m going to look for a decent cordless one soon since we’re making a lot of jewelry and working with plastic models and the like. There are some gizmos you can buy that turn Dremels into mini drill presses or sanding tables, too.

    A multitool. My Leatherman Wave is on me constantly. Not a day goes by that I don’t use it. The knife most often, but scissors and pliers are probably a dead heat for second place. The screwdrivers are used a lot as well, and I can often use one of the attachments on screws that my screwdriver doesn’t fit into – even proprietary designs.

    Flashlight. DIY projects or no, I use one daily, usually multiple times. Walking the dog in the dark, looking for stuff that rolls under the couch or fridge…I even helped some girl find a dropped contact lens on a dark dance floor once.

    Sliding robots. 10 buck stocking stuffers that make moving heavy stuff around the house a breeze. Likewise dollies and lifting straps. Pick up a copy of Moving Heavy Things and make a “Primitive Engineering” gift basket. http://www.amazon.com/Moving-Heavy-Things-Jan-Adkins/dp/0937822825 I geek out on this kind of thing enough where I even picked up this guy’s DVD. http://www.theforgottentechnology.com/

    Lastly, a decent saw. I love the little flexible Japanese ones with 2 cutting edges, for instance. They’ve become a lot more popular in recent years so they’re pretty easy to find.

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  2. Reblogged this on The Obsession Engine and commented:
    Heavy D is on top of things! Here’s a start on a Christmas list for a DIY kinda guy (or gal…I went with the word that rhymed.).

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  3. While I’m thinking about it I’ll throw out a couple more things:

    A hot glue gun and glue sticks. Instant crafting for cheap. Get 2 or 3 and salt them around your crafting spots. Some Gorilla Superglue, E 6000, Loctite, JB Weld, etc. are crafter’s favorites that are dandy stocking stuffers as well. Pick some that are appropriate to the DIYer’s favorite projects and they’ll be sure to use them.

    Make Magazine has a nice lists, too, especially for those wanting to try their hand at electronics. I highly recommend the Pocket Reference for any DIYer.



    Speaking of pocket references, I just picked up a book of practical math applications on kindle, specifically so I can access it by smart phone. http://www.amazon.com/Cheniers-Practical-Math-Application-Guide-ebook/dp/B00HSMB6RY/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=&qid=

    My phone’s almost always at hand, unlike my library. With this in mind, Amazon gift cards are almost always appropriate for a DIYer!

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  4. Patrick says:

    Great stuff, OE, thanks!

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  5. Get that DIY guy an Okapi fan control System for solar air heaters! They can come with an app, now, too! Defintely most unique #DIYgift ever!


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