I’m suddenly obsessed with making one of these.

My home thermostat is a pain to use and programming it is akin to using punch cards. Sometimes it randomly decides that I would enjoy living in a damn meat locker and being the brave soul I am, it falls upon me to make the dangerous trek from our cozy bed to go turn the heat on in our house.

Recently I was at Verizon for my free phone upgrade and while waiting to speak to a perky associate, I began playing with the whizbang digital smart thermostat they had on display. I don’t have a spare arm and leg so getting one is not possible right now but I began wondering if any other nerds like me slightly obsessive DIYers like myself have built their own. Turns out a lot of people have.

There are several plans and tutorials out there but this one intrigued me the most and now I’m moderately obsessed with the idea.

More to come.


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