DIY Farmhouse Bench Tutorial 55$ CAD

Check out this cool table project! Because I like stuff looking old and worn I would beat it up with a chain and burn it with hot piece of steel to give it that look of a long life of use and abuse. Adam Savage talked about every dent telling a story and I agree.

leave it to Joy

DIY Farmhouse Bench Tutorial | leave it to Joy

Today I am going to talk you for a walk through all of my furniture building. It’s long over due and hopefully really helpful. Please send me any questions in the comments or through my contact form on my About page, I am happy to help. This tutorial is specifically for the bench, but its all the same. You can modify my instructions below and make the Farmhouse Coffee Table, Farmhouse Console Table, or even my masterpiece the Farmhouse Dining Table. I apologize if I’m not using the proper carpentry terms – remember I just started!

Here goes. First since we are buying lumber that is primarily used for framing we need to straighten out the edges. Otherwise we end up with curved corners butting against curved corners – its just not as clean and crisp. I do this first and I do every plank so that they…

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One thought on “DIY Farmhouse Bench Tutorial 55$ CAD

  1. Joy says:

    Thanks for sharing my tutorial Patrick! 🙂


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