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In a Van Down by the River!

A Hackaday article reminded me of a project I want to try some day and that is converting an old bus into a sweet RV.

Jake VonSlatt has a cool page showing how he did it and was the page that originally got me wanting to do the same conversion. Time and space to put any project like this have kept me from doing it, for now…

If you have attention issues like myself, here’s a video VonSlatt made, check it out:

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Cold Casting Small Stuff

No, I’m not dead…

Anyway, check this out! Cold cast using a mixture of real powdered metals and clear resin. He starts with a 3D printed original but there’s nothing saying you couldn’t had carve a piece out of wax, etc.


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Getcher hands on some copper and build a still!

Legally, of course…

This outfit sells kits that require some assembly but they have helpful videos on the Youtube that show how to assemble their products.

The Home Distillers Forum is a fantastic resource for people who live in New Zealand where home distilling is perfectly legal…

There are currently bills in Congress to legalize hobby home distilling and I truly hope they pass. Lots of folks do so in spite of the (weakly enforced) law but my employer would come unglued if I got caught moonshining so alas, I must wait…

Even the most basic digging around on the interwebs will lead a person to detailed tutorials on how to constrict a still.

George Washington would approve

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This Instructable leave out the whole “where to get a huge boat” detail…

This is a great step by step tutorial on how to convert a tug boat to a recreational vessel…

Okay, not so much step by step. In fact not at all.

But it’s a cool record of the transformation. Oh and this project is a wee bit past the average DIYer.

Just a smidge…

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Garbage can CNC Machine Build

While I know a lot of CNC snobs would turn up their noses at this, the ingenuity displayed is great. A lot of basic mechanical principles are on display with this project and I think it’s awesome.

Though, dude’s accent scares me a little…

(But I barely speak Murican, let alone a second language so kudos to him!)

Source: Garbage can CNC Machine Build

Cozy Heat Control with an Arduino

I think we’re clearly at a point where Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, etc, are no longer toys but are solving real world problems.

I use Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone at work now to replace large and expensive, less than reliable systems and while there have been some growing pains, the advantages of these open source boards far outweigh any hassles.


[George Dewar] and his wife live in a typical 1940’s house in New Zealand , which in case you didn’t know, have a little insulation in the ceiling… and nowhere else. Like most, they put up with the cold — but after having a baby, [George] decided it was time to start controlling the heat a bit better.

They have an electric oil radiator which works well, but isn’t very smart. It only has 6 settings — not very useful when you’re trying to stay at a certain temperature. First off, they looked into a plug-in thermostat controller, and found a cheap one called the HeaterMate. Unfortunately it left a lot to be desired. For example, it didn’t seem to have PID control at all — and for an oil radiator, when you turn it off… it’s still going to heat the room for a while. He also found that…

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