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Cold Casting Small Stuff

No, I’m not dead…

Anyway, check this out! Cold cast using a mixture of real powdered metals and clear resin. He starts with a 3D printed original but there’s nothing saying you couldn’t had carve a piece out of wax, etc.


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A Craftsman Searches for a Student

I’ve opined about this before but it’s a topic I feel very strongly about.

Traditional skills and the people who learned them over thousands of hours of effort and sweat and untold failures must not be allowed to fade away. I’m a huge technologist and love where we are headed in terms of that bleeding edge of advances in tech, but at the same time I have hallowed respect for old craftsmen and women who can create something useful from scratch.

This article was fascinating yet sad for me.

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Lost Foam Casting for Fun and Potentially Life Altering Injuries!


Lost foam casting in a process in which a foam model is made then buried in sand. As molten metal is poured it burns off the foam and fills that void with metal. It’s a fairly simple take on sand casting but like anything, the nicer your foam models looks the nicer your cast piece will come out.

And here’s a plaque being cast in bronze using the same process. This gentleman touches on some other points in the process like sand preparation, etc. His finished product comes out really good and it seems like the care taken in the preparation of his mold makes a big difference.

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I love watching people make things, especially using old skills and knowledge.

My dad did a lot of bladesmithing when I was a kid and I used to borrow his books on the subject. It’s interesting to note that a blacksmith in old times had to make most of his own tools and it was all part of a right of passage.

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Copper Smithing

I’ve dabbled in coppersmithing a bit and really enjoyed it. It seemed a little more forgiving than blacksmithing and a little more zen-like as you weren’t in front a screaming hot forge the whole time and it’s quieter.

Check out his other videos for more great info including how to make your own tools out of tree branches!

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Multifaceted People

One of the things I love about the DIY movement is how people from all walks of life are discovering, or have been enjoying for years, the joy that comes from creating something with their hands. Here’s a video uploaded by Google heavy hitter Niels Provos showing the more serene side of his hobby: swordsmithing.

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